New approach and new projects


The Shifting Lab team works on all its projects with a innovative systemic approach. Based on the awareness that everything around us is part of a complex whole, Shifting Lab combines design and architecture to create unique projects capable of driving change, promoting and developing positive and sustainable cultural and socio-economic models.

Green Hub


An installation to stimulate meeting and exchange in order to map and present the virtuous realities in the area of Florence and its surroundings. A starting point to generate new virtuous networks.


Space to reconnect
citizens with cities​

A project to define standards to create and replicate systemic events with reduced environmental impact, to promote local culture and products through an immersive and educational experience


Alimentar el Barrio
Mercat de pagès

An experimental market, hosted by Barcelona Slow Food to spread good practices on environmental protection among the people participating in the event.

Diseñamos -el parque-juntos-2019 - Partecipatory-Lab-market-Parc-de-les-tres-Xemeneies

Diseñamos el parque juntos
Partecipatory lab

A participatory design experiment proposed to rethink the park together, using a different approach from previous redevelopment attempts.

Barcelona-Award-2019 - Design-Residence-Parc-de-les-tres-Xemeneies

Barcelona award 2019

A six-month design residence with the “Barcelona Award 2019'', focused on creating a new “system” of market-making: a place to promote culture and local products.


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