Green Hub -
Copula Mundi

Lumen, Firenze 2022

Green Hub

what it is

Green Hub at Lumen

From 16 to 18 September 2022, Shifting Lab was a guest at Lumen’s Copula Mundi Festival in Florence. In this marvellous setting, the first experiment of the GREEN HUB was staged, a corner designed to be a meeting and exchange space for the people taking part in the festival, to map and narrate the virtuous realities present in the territory of Florence and its surroundings. Conceived as part of the project “Spaces to reconnect citizens with cities” to be an installation also suitable for panels and round tables to generate new networks between realities, in this first version it was presented in a more playful and spontaneous way. Many exchanges of information, in fact, were generated by the people meeting each other and their curiosity to discover more about their own territory, which sometimes offers much more than we think.

the context

The Copula Mundi Festival and the Lumen

LUMEN is an incubator of autonomous and sustainable economies, which by vocation tends to promote active participation and new models of social business. It is a cultural associative space located in the Mensola Park area. The A.P.S. Icchè Ci Vah Ci Vole has obtained the space in free concession from the Municipality of Florence in exchange for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the building and the pertinent green area. An attractive pole for associations and realities of the territory and an incubator of autonomous and sustainable economic dynamics. The association keeps the space open throughout the summer, proposing activities and fostering collaboration with local associations. The 2022 edition of the Copula Mundi Festival closed the summer season with four days of shows, workshops and concerts. The GREEN HUB was realised within this context.



The Green Hub and its activities

Together with the citizens, 76 realities were mapped, classified into categories and assessed through social, environmental and economic virtuosity criteria. The 9 categories included were: agri-food, mobility, supplies-utilities, clothing-textiles, catering-reception, culture-sports-education, third sector, wellness-cosmetics, technology-electronics, handicrafts-manufacturing. There are 10 criteria to evaluate the realities: recovery/reuse of recyclable materials, circular management and low footprint, zero packaging and green packaging, organic and extensive natural products, handmade products, social cohesion and protection, sharing of products and services, innovative energies and use of renewables, traceability and supply chain transparency, integration with local realities.

Shifting Lab al Lumen 2022


The results and the future

The GREEN HUB will not stop at mapping virtuous realities. Although the first intentions are to enhance and promote these realities, spread good practices and encourage a change in users’ habits through knowledge, the ultimate aim of the installation is to create new networks between these realities. Following the systemic approach, the GREEN HUB connects producers, artisans, third sector realities, local commerce, sustainability actors and all citizens to activate synergies, interconnections and new projects! Through a more in-depth analysis of the mapped realities, inputs (incoming resources) and outputs (outgoing resources) will be analysed, looking for new possible connections and collaborations, increasingly strengthening an “alternative” offer of products and services able to give consumers the possibility of living with a lower social and environmental impact.


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