el parque juntos

Co-design Lab, Barcelona 2019


Diseñamos el parque juntos - Participatory lab

The research project was developed by joining the Elisava University platform Design for City Making, created by several professors including Ezio Manzini to launch projects for the sustainable transformation of the city, focusing on the Super-Blocks topic. In collaboration with this platform, the Studio Garcés – de Seta – Bonet – arquitectes and Slow Food Barcelona, a participatory workshop was organized. Over three Saturdays, by placing a stand in the middle of the market area, users were invited to express an opinion by designing their ideal market and leaving suggestions

interactive activities

Co-design the space

A participatory design experiment was proposed to rethink the park together, using a different approach from previous redevelopment attempts. The aim was to show how this place could be improved with small, low-impact interventions and the help of everyone. 

The area involved was both the market and the park, since the project had to take into account the context in which it is located. 

Therefore a plastic on a 1:200 scale plan was prepared with the existing furnishings of the park. People were then asked what they would like to find in the park in order to experience it at its best with their friends or family.
All participants had at their disposal small reproductions of furniture that they could insert in the model, modifying the spatial configuration and also proposing new arrangements of the existing one.

joint research

Questions, answers and post-its

Finally, to complete the co-design session, participants could leave a comment or suggestion in the space next to the map: a series of post-it notes divided into categories were set up for this purpose.
Since the project covered both the park and the market area, it was decided to deepen the research by interviewing the market producers and vendors themselves, who were also part of the system.
The aim was to better understand the habits and preferences of the market users on the one hand, and to collect precise data on the resources and waste produced by the market stalls on the other.


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