Alimentar el Bairro

Project, Barcellona 2019


Alimentar el Barrio Project

On Saturday, February 1, 2020, an experimental market was organized based on the guidelines of the project developed during the research phase: “Alimentar el Barrio – Mercat de pagès: una nueva oportunidad para orientar al cambio“, during the event “Edició especial Barcelona Slow Food Guide 2020 del Mercat de la Terra”.

The market was set up according to the spatial layout defined by the project in order to create a balance between the functions that build the space. New educational activities have also been planned, thanks to the collaboration of different actors, to spread good practices on environmental protection among the people participating in the event. Using recycled panels, paths have been created to guide responsible consumption and raise consumer awareness of climate change. The park and the market join together to become a reference point for citizens.


Critical points are opportunities!

In the first step, following the research phase, the weak points of the old market system were identified.

  • passive consumers
  • the market distribution does not allow the relationship between the different areas of the park
  • the existing infrastructure are deteriorated and not sufficient for the market success
  • low participation during the activities organised by the market
  • poor relationship with the associations and other realities of the neighbourhood
  • poor communication and few furnishings for the market

The next step was to transform the critical points into opportunities to improve the system and on which to focus interventions.

  • sense of belonging that transforms the users from spectators into actors
  • new organization of the market for a best balance between the different areas of the urban space
  • improvement of actual infrastructure to encourage recycling, sustainable mobility and public water use
  • activities, good food, environmental education and promotion of social aggregation
  • virtuous network of partners who work together for the proper functioning of the market
  • educational paths and new furniture

the development

From linear management to a collaborative network

The current management of the market falls entirely on the organiser, Slow Food, which has an agreement with the Sants-Montjuic District for the use of the land and he cleaning of the pre- and post-market area. The number of activities is reduced and at risk due to unforeseen events. Market services are also minimal.
By creating a network of collaborating actors, each pursuing their own aims, the
management of the market is distributed and the activities and services increase.
For example, by stipulating agreements with civic-centres, associations, dance or heatre schools and other professionals, the attractiveness of the initiative increases, while at the same time providing a showcase for the promotion of their activities.


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